AD: Rewrite universe with off switch on your side of the wall.
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No, that's not how it works.

I'm not a god. I just created eternity, and now I'm trapped as scribe for its events. Stuck in this monstrous creation of my thoughts, if you will. Yes, technically I am an inhabitant of the world I've created. And technically, I could interact with the rest of the story. But hell if I'm going to let that happen. I've hidden myself well.

Creating a multiverse is tricky business. You only get to set the starting conditions and watch it run. If you're smart, you can set enough starting conditions to guarantee that things turn out a certain way in the end. And no, I couldn't have written the universe to accept runtime changes; that was the first thing I thought of.

However, chaos theory being what it is, the slightest perturbations can throw everything wildly off track. I don't know what the original event was, but now there's a loose cannon in the system. A wad of gum in the monkey wrench. Whatever metaphors you want to mix to describe it. Someone's out there that shouldn't be, and they seem to be working directly contrary to my plans. Or they will be out there. Or maybe just were. I don't know. Temporal shenanigans still make my brain hurt, even after all these years.

This was supposed to just be a regular old 4-kid session of SBURB where everything goes right, we watch all the cool mechanics and quests everyone goes through, they win the final battle, and live happily ever after. I'm not so sure if that's a possibility any more.

I only included these fenestrated planes as a sort of debug device to transfer information in the event of an emergency. They take a good deal of sophisticated technology to properly activate, as Bach's brother has come to realize, and once they have been, no physical presence can transfer itself across the wall. My god, how bad would that be? No, these walls are unbreakable.

Oh, and of course, they're kind of necessary if I ever want to have a recap in the story. You probably want that, don't you? Heck, next page will be #500, might as well celebrate it with something.

Latest updates:
04/13/16 - "[A3I1] Tony: Get some water."
04/13/16 - "[A3I1] Tony: Head inside."
04/13/16 - "[A3I1] Be Tony."
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08/24/13 - "[A3I1] Seconds in the future..."
08/19/13 - "[A3I1] ==>"
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08/19/13 - "[A3I1] ==>"
06/28/13 - "[A3I1] ==>"
06/28/13 - "[A3I1] Be Brad."
06/19/13 - "ACT 3 INTERMISSION 1"
06/11/13 - "==>"
06/11/13 - "==>"
06/11/13 - "==>"
06/11/13 - "AD: Spoilers!"
06/11/13 - "[S] AD: Dance."
06/07/13 - "AD: Wrap this up."
06/07/13 - "==>"
06/07/13 - "==>"
03/22/13 - "JB: Suddenly enter."
03/22/13 - "AD: Don't you have a partner or..."
03/16/13 - "AD: Recap."
03/16/13 - "AD: Rewrite universe with off s..."
03/15/13 - "==>"
03/15/13 - "Meanwhile, behind the curtain....."
03/14/13 - "END OF ACT 3 ACT 1"
03/14/13 - "[S] Bach: Enter."
02/20/13 - "==>"
02/20/13 - "==>"
02/20/13 - "Gina: Retrieve legs from beneat..."
02/20/13 - "Gina: Deploy."
02/16/13 - "==>"
02/14/13 - "DOWN!"
02/14/13 - "RIGHT!"
02/14/13 - "I GOT THIS, KID"
02/09/13 - "==>"

Posted on 2016-04-13 00:14:20 by Andrew
today I learned that doing a bad job of telling a story is better than doing a good job of not telling a story

so I'm gonna tell a story
Posted on 2014-10-25 03:01:49 by Andrew
I'm back, suckers. Don't expect me to stick around.

It's been an interesting year.
Posted on 2013-06-28 11:52:36 by Andrew


Bear with me, this intermission might take a while. I planned it so that I would have increased in drawing ability by the time I got there so I could handle the more intense artistic demands, and it would have worked too if it weren't for the absurd two month hiatus slash freight train.

To compensate, I think I'll be portioning out some of the art for one of the parts to an art delegate. Stay tuned!
Posted on 2013-06-07 21:52:04 by Andrew
God damned freight train.

At least we're back. 's gonna be an interesting summer, that's for sure.
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